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Abandoned House Studios

BLINK The Last Night

 Press Kit

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Developer: Abandoned House Studios; Based in Pensacola, Florida
Demo Release Date: Out now
Full Release: TBA
ESRB: Rating Pending
Press Contact:
Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

BLINK: Watching, is a first-person horror story navigated through the eyes of a babysitter watching over a little girl named Lily. Lily is the mischievous daughter of a local psychiatrist, Dr. Vida, and will try to play a game of hide-and-seek while taunting you along the way.


Nothing you couldn't normally handle, but the night begins to take a strange turn when you begin to find strange messages, things moving around the house, and sightings of a mysterious presence. Is all this being orchestrated by the girl you've been tasked to watch, or is something more malevolent pulling the strings?


Terror behind every blink:

One of the defining features of our project is what we call the, "blink effect." Just like any other person, the blinks randomly throughout the entire story, and anything can happen within the blink of an eye. Objects appearing/disappearing, environment changes, jump scares, among other events may occur at any moment. The player will have to stay on their toes and brace themselves every time they see the screen shutter. 


Discover the secrets of the Vida home:

The Vida home is filled with audio tapes, notes, and other objects that subtly reveal the backstory to the player without being too obvious. Everything is at the player's disposal to discover the truth of the Vida home, they just have to find the pieces to put the puzzle together. 


Immerse yourself in a haunting atmosphere:

Realistic graphics and lighting combined with appropriate ambient tracks make BLINK's world feel 


Stay vigilant to a changing environment:

As mentioned before, the blink effect will play a role in environment shifts throughout the story. However, these shifts aren't exclusive to just these events. Things will appear in the house to take the player to two other locations in the game, but that's all we can say here. 


Avoid a shadowy figure

If we say anything else he may get angry. 


Chat with the Vida's & change the story:

Dialogue choices will play a role in BLINK's story. 


Founded in 2017 by David Franklin and Chris Combs, Abandoned House Studios is an independent studio that's doing their part to give people great memories through gaming. BLINK: N is a roughly two-hour free demo that represents everything these two have learned in the span of two years. A thirst for knowledge and coffee is what drives the Abandoned House team as we continue our journey in game design. 

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Office Desk
Vida Household
Dining Room
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