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Announcement Trailer Released!

It's been a while without an update, but we've finally released our announcement trailer for our BLINK project demo! It would've been out much sooner, but we decided that we'd take our time in the development process to perfectly nail down what we want BLINK to be.


This meant going through different iterations of the environment, plot, and key mechanics to make sure we put out as good of an experience as possible. We'll be preparing a long blog update the details more of the process later on, but for now just know that we're trying our damnest to make this demo into something truly special!

ErikMMusic was kind enough to provide us with the awesome score you hear in the background. He produces all sorts of music, but his more creepy pieces are both underrated and beautiful.

ErikMMusic: Mysterious Music Box


That's all for now, but be sure to drop by the Abandoned House again some time! We're always working on something new.

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