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Where we've been, where we're going

Important announcement before I get into things, we're taking down this version of BLINK for now.

So much has been changed and updated over the last nine months, we honestly shouldn't have kept it up in the first place. We aren't happy with it and I know those who have played recently aren't too thrilled either. We'll be putting the new version up when ready, when that will be is currently tentative.

Now time to say where we've been. Due to certain agreements, we can't reveal much of anything, however, here's what we can say.

Long story short, we were in talks with an organization to make BLINK a much bigger project. This meant increasing the scope of the project and expanding to other platforms. To justify these expansions, we spent the last few months editing, optimizing, and improving the demo we had. We decided to keep things quiet up until the release of that improved version. Some changes we agreed with, others we didn't, but the process of improving the BLINK demo delayed the project longer than we'd have liked. Things ended up not working out and now we're back to being fully independent and have the freedoms that come with that.

BLINK (and other things) are still being worked on, we're still alive and will have some horrific things to show here soon.

Thanks for sticking with us,

The Abandoned House

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